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By Hanna Oltmanns - November 04, 2020

The leaves are changing their colors, the days are getting shorter and the temperatures are slowly but surely growing colder – winter is approaching. While we get ready to embrace the coldest season of the year, buckling up on warm clothes and cozy jumpers, stacking more blankets in our homes, buying candles, and dusting off our skis, it’s important to prepare and treat our skin just as much as everything else during the winter. Below you will find the number one reason for dry skin, why you should still wear sunscreen in winter, and tips and tricks on how to treat your skin best in the coming months!

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How to protect your skin during winter

All of us have experienced it already, the occurrence of dry skin somewhere on our bodies. While the phenomenon of dry skin is pretty harmless in most cases, it can be a very uncomfortable thing to experience when it comes to redness, itch, and flaky bits. Dermatologists found that the main reason for dry skin is the simple lack of moisture, which means it can be quite easy to prevent and treat with the right knowledge and care.

Our tissue is the primary barrier to our environment and its top layer is made up of healthy and dead skin cells, as well as natural oils and water. They all help trap moisture and keep our skin soft and smooth. Winter weather with dropping temperatures, harsh winds, and coldness, combined with central indoor heating all lead to extremely dry conditions which can result in our bodies constantly losing moisture and our skin drying out. 

With some easily implemented winter routines we can prepare and help our skin to stay smooth and soft even when the outer conditions can be a bit rough on us. 

How to protect your skin during winter

Tip No. 1) Make time for a relaxing nighttime routine

Since the days are growing shorter and it is getting dark earlier, you’ve got more time to pamper your skin at the end of the day. Take time in the evening to really treat your skin and to unwind before going to bed by applying a rich cream that contains lots of natural oils. This will help and support your skin to lock in moisture and makes for a nice and relaxing bedtime routine! 

Suntribe Tip: Our All Natural Night Cream with Cranberry & Rosemary Oil is our richest formula to deeply nourish your skin with carefully selected oils and butters. 

How to protect your skin during winter

Tip No. 2) Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated by drinking enough water, even if the temperatures might let you shiver, is an absolute must to keep your skin from drying out. Take your water bottle with you when you leave the house and make yourself a good cup of tea when you come home. This will help you remember to take in enough healthy fluids during the day. 

Tip No. 3) Take warm showers

We all need to warm up after taking a long walk in the cold, but taking warm showers instead of hot ones can help prevent your skin from drying out in the first place. If the water temperature is too high and we stay or soak in the shower or bath for too long, it can dry out the skin. Limit your showers to 5 to 10 minutes and keep the water at a warm and comfortable setting, this way you can already protect your skin.

How to protect your skin during winter

Tip No. 4) Apply body butter regularly

Using a body butter is one of the best options to keep your skin soft and hydrated. Choose a body butter that nourishes deeply, providing your skin with everything it needs when the conditions are drier than usual. The best time to apply a thick body cream is immediately after taking a shower. Your skin will then still be damp and can therefore take in the nourishing treat best.  

Suntribe Tip: Our All Natural Body Butter Coconut & Argan and our All Natural Body Butter Grapefruit & Almond are both made of 100% organic ingredients and moisture your skin from top to toe. 

Applying Suntribe's Coconut & Argan Body Butter

Tip No. 5) Keep the indoor temperature low

Central heating is one of the main causes of dry skin. Keep the temperature in your home at a low, but comfortable setting and choose to put on extra layers and slippers in case you do get chilly inside. 

In addition to helping our skin not to dry out, we shouldn’t forget about UV rays in winter either. Whether summer or winter, sunlight is the greatest source of ultraviolet radiation and can cause damage independent of temperatures. Especially when you plan to go hiking, skiing or snowboarding, it’s important you keep up your sunscreen routine. 

Suntribe Ambassador Alenka hiking in the Canadian mountains

During winter, the sun doesn’t rise as high in the sky as during summer, leaving people to think that UV rays are harmless when it’s cold. While it is true that there are less direct sun rays and therefore less UVB (sunburn) rays, the UVA levels of the sun are still high enough to affect our skin and cause sunburn, skin damage, and premature aging nevertheless. 

Especially when you’re going to the mountains, be aware of the higher altitude! Our atmosphere is thinner at high altitudes and therefore absorbs fewer UV rays, meaning that the intensity of UV radiation rises by about 10 to 12% for every 1000 meters increase in altitude. In addition snowy environments reflect 80% of UV light and can even reflect up to 90 % on a sunny day with fresh snow. This means that your exposure to UV rays can be doubled when hitting you from the sky and from the ground as the rays rebound, increasing your risk for skin damage. 

How to protect your skin during winter

With these tips you can stay protected from the sun during the winter:

Tip No. 1) Wear sunscreen when you are outdoors

Don’t be fooled by cloudy days and freezing temperatures! Wear sunscreen also in winter to help protect your skin from sunburn, wrinkles, and signs of premature aging. Apply a generous amount of sunscreen before going out. Since snow is very reflective, make sure to apply sunscreen under your chin, beneath the tip of your nose, behind your ears, and on your lips as well. 

Tip No. 2) Keep a small sunscreen in your pocket

It is important that you reapply sunscreen every two hours while you are outside to make sure you are still protected. The easier way to do so is if you always keep a small sunscreen in your pocket, being ready to have it at hand once you need it. 

Suntribe Tip: Our All Natural Zinc Stick has a perfect handy format to be used on your adventure and in cold temperatures. 

Tip No. 3) Keep covered and wear sunglasses

We already bundle up in winter, putting on lots of layers of warm clothes, but make sure you do cover sensitive areas like your hands and ears especially by wearing gloves and hats when you are outside. To protect your eyes from the high dose of UV exposure especially in highly reflective snowy environments be sure to wear your sunglasses to keep your eyes safe. 

Enjoy the coziest time of the year! 

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