On this page we present you with an overview of the problems with how the sunscreen industry works today, and the solutions Suntribe stands for. To see our solution, simply hover over the card you’d like to learn more about. 

Conventional sunscreens are harmful for people & nature

Conventional sunscreen are scientifically proven to cause problems both for humans and nature. Worldwide 10% of coral reefs are threathened by bleaching because of chemical sunscreens. In humans, problems range from skin irritations to hormonal and endocrine disruption.

The Suntribe Solution

Simple: We never use any ingredients that have been associated with risks for humans or the environment.
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There is a problem with trusting companies and their marketing

A company and your interest as a private person are not necessarily the same. When shopping, always consider things things like: Can the company support its claims? Are they open with what ingredients they use and why? Is there a reason why there are certain things they do not talk about in their marketing?

The Suntribe Solution

We are transparent with how we work. We trust our products, and want you to do that as well. Our aim is to always give you the tools to make an informed choice.
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Sunscreens smell bad and sting when they get in the eyes

Conventional sunscreens often have an unpleasant artifical smell. When sweating or swimming sunscreen often runs into the eyes, making them sting because of the harsh ingredients that are used.

The Suntribe Solution

Our products smell nothing like conventional sunscreens. Our scents are all natural and range from fresh coconut to cacao. Because we formulate our sunscreens with gentle ingredient they will not sting if they get in your eyes.

Companies promote the usage of SPF 50 products

This is misleading, and it requires the sunscreen company to use additional, potentially harmful ingredients. What many do not know is that the difference in protection between SPF 30 and SPF 50 is only 1%, and SPF 30 already blocks 97% of UVB rays which is absolutely sufficient!

The Suntribe Solution

We offer sunscreens with SPF ratings that make sense, based on Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, a safe mineral UV-filter. Our products are between SPF 20 (95% UVB protection) and SPF 30 (97% UVB protection).
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Mineral sunscreens make me look like a ghost

Because of the mineral UV-filters used, mineral sunscreens can leave a white cast on your skin which can be acceptable in some situations (or even cool), but rather uncool in other situations.

The Suntribe Solution

We tailor make products so that they will be as good as possible for the situation you need them for. We have sunscreens that make you white (Face & Sport Zinc Sunscreen), but we also have sunscreens that blend in with your skin tone (Day Cream & Mineral Sunscreen).

I don’t understand the list of ingredients on my cosmetics

There are EU regulations how the list of ingredients needs to be formulated, but they don’t have the end customer in mind - for the average customer it is impossible to tell which ingredients names like “Butyrospermum Parkii Butter” actually refer to. And why are the letters always so small?

The Suntribe Solution

You find the list of ingredients clearly visible on our products and website. We write “Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter” so that it is easy for you to know that it's Shea Butter and completely natural!


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