Suntribe All Natural Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen SPF30

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100% NATURAL SUNSCREEN | Safe for you and nature. Perfect for any kind of holiday, a day at the beach or a stroll in the park. Now slightly tinted to blend in more easily with your skin tone. Comes in a biobased sugar cane tube. 

ORGANIC & GENTLE | With nourishing Coconut Oil and moisturising Cacao and Shea Butter. Natural smell of coconut and cacao. Hypoallergenic and suitable for kids and sensitive skin. 

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE | Scientifically validated broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB rays – SPF 30 (blocks 97% of UVB rays). Water resistant. 

MINERAL UV-FILTER / REEF SAFE | Contains Non-Nano Zinc Oxide which according to research is the safest available UV-filter for human health, corals and marine life.  

0% ADDITIVES | Finally a worry-free sunscreen. This natural sunscreen is undiluted and completely free from harmful chemical UV-filters, parabens, alcohol, preservatives, perfume and synthetic chemicals.




The All Natural Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen is a 100% natural, reef safe mineral sunscreen. Like all Suntribe cosmetics, it’s worry-free and therefore completely free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives, perfume, and any and all types of questionable ingredients. The natural choice for spending a day at the beach and for all other outdoor activities imaginable. 

This mineral sunscreen builds a protective shield on top of your skin from the first moment of application, providing broad spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA & UVB rays (blocks 97% of UVB rays). Contains Non-Nano Zinc Oxide which according to research is the safest available UV-filter for human health, corals and marine life.  

Transparent to slightly visible depending on your skin tone. This organic sunscreen comes with a natural scent of cacao and coconut and keeps your skin moisturised thanks to nourishing Coconut Oil and Cacao. 

Suitable for all skin types. Also great for children, babies, sensitive skin and people with allergies.

Material: Biobased sugar cane tube, fully recyclable. 100% recycled paper labels. Made in the EU.

Shelf life: Up to 18 months (check date on the packaging). If the consistency or smell do not change, you can still use the sunscreen after the expiry date, the sun protection is still given. Store in a dry place at room temperature or cooler (5 to 20 degrees). Keep away from direct sunlight.


Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil°, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil°, Cera Alba (Beeswax)°, Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter°, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter°, Theobroma Cacao Seed Powder°, Tocopherol (Vitamin E). °Organic

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide provides safe sun protection 

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide makes this the perfect sunscreen for a day at the beach. It is a mineral UV filter that provides broad spectrum SPF 30 sun protection and is safe for your skin and the environment (reef safe). Blocks 97% of UVB rays and protects your from UVA rays as well. 

Organic Coconut Oil nourishes 

Coconut Oil provides moisture, has antibacterial properties and a high content of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Nourishes and boosts your skin, plus it smells divine! 

Organic Cacao Butter nourishes 

Cacao Butter belongs to the category of natural plant compounds that can improve blood flow to the skin and slow skin aging by protecting against damage from the sun’s harmful UV rays. It smoothes your skin and provides moisture annourishment. 

Organic Shea Butter moisturises

Shea Butter has been used since Cleopatra’s times o provide long-lasting moisture and protect the skin from drying out in the sun. 

Organic Beeswax provides water resistance 

Beeswax makes this mineral sunscreen 40 minutes water and sweat resistant and protects your skin from external damage. 

Organic Sunflower Seed Oil boosts

Sunflower oil strengthens the skin’s natural protective barrier and helps to prevent pigmentation from the sun.

Organic Cacao Powder gives a natural tint 

Cacao Powder gives this mineral sunscreen a natural tint which makes it blend in with your skin tone more easily. It also adds a yummy smell of cacao / chocolate!

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant 

Natural vitamin E (extracted from non-GMO wheat germ oil) has an antioxidant effect and protects the skin from sun damage.

How To Use

Suntribe Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen is made to be applied on your face and entire body. Apply evenly on your skin before sun exposure. Reapply every two hours. Water resistant up to 40 minutes. Reapply after swimming, towel drying, and sweating.


Our warehouse is located in Sweden, and even though your order will be processed and sent out lightning fast (often within the same day) shipping will take longer the further away from us you live. Here are the shipping times you can expect:

Sweden: 1-2 days. Central / North Europe: 3-5 days. South Europe: 3-7 days. North America: 6-8 days. Africa: 14-18 days. Australia: 10-12 days. Asia: 10-20 days. South America: 10-20 days.

Complemented by

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47 reviews for Suntribe All Natural Mineral Body & Face Sunscreen SPF30

  1. Hanna

    Riecht gut, ist angenehm zu verteilen, der weiße Schimmer ist schnell weg.
    Inhaltsstoffe sind auch top!
    Die nehme ich jetzt immer wieder!

  2. Cristina

    Además de la crema, me compré la protección solar. Huele espectacular y además es natural (que cuesta mucho encontrar una crema solar sin químicos). Protege un montón (y sobretodo yo que soy blanquita) y es fácil de esparcir. Muy contenta con esta marca.

  3. Nadine

    I have desperately been looking for a sunscreen with safe ingredients and have tried many but this one is by far my favorite. Not only are the ingredients safe but the list is short. It protects well against sunburns. Compared to other zinc-based sunscreens, it’s easy to apply and barely leaves a white residue on the skin. I love the faint coconut smell. I just wish it came in a bigger format!

  4. Julia

    best sunscreen we ever used with our family, my little daugther likes the smell of it and it feels good on skin.

  5. Mario

    don’t like how it feels on the skin. asked for a refund (this part was good and they gave my money back!).

  6. Celine

    Dès l’application, on sent que c’est naturel. ; ça ne colle pas, ne laisse pas de fini brillant, mais plutot un fini mat velouté doux. Légèrement blanc, mais ce n’est pas gênant. De plus le produit est très économique, pas besoin d’en mettre beaucoup, ça s’étale très bien. Odeur discrète, comme j’aime. Pas encore essayé dans l’eau, mais au jardin ça fonctionne très bien. Vraiment ravie de cette découverte !

  7. Guittiere

    Dès l’application, on sent que c’est naturel. ; ça ne colle pas, ne laisse pas de fini brillant, mais plutot un fini mat velouté doux. Légèrement blanc, mais ce n’est pas gênant. De plus le produit est très économique, pas besoin d’en mettre beaucoup, ça s’étale très bien. Odeur discrète, comme j’aime. Pas encore essayé dans l’eau, mais au jardin ça fonctionne très bien. Vraiment ravie de cette découverte !

    Google Translation: From the application, we feel that it is natural. ; it does not stick, does not leave a shiny finish, but rather a velvety smooth matte finish. Slightly white, but not embarrassing. In addition the product is very economical, no need to put a lot, it spreads very well. Discreet smell, as I like. Not tried in the water, but in the garden it works very well. Really happy with this discovery!

  8. nils

    feels good on the skin, nothing to complain about! Nice smell, good value for money (better than the 50 ml version I bought last time!!!), would buy again.

  9. nicklas

    my only complaint is that it is a little bit white when applying. though with just natural ingredients I think it is a fair trade off. Stayed out in the sun for 8+ hours and didn’t get sun burnt!

  10. Johanna

    very good customer service, I had some questions about how to use it and they replied straight away! really like the product!

  11. Martin

    works great! Love the smell. Didn’t get sunburnt even though I was out all day in the sun

  12. Marcel

    my pump bottle did not work!! I tried to pump it for a long time but nothing came out. they had to send out a replacement to me, for this price I really think the product should work straight away

  13. Nick

    it just works! natural all the way!!! Won’t buy any chemical stuff anymore, why would anyone?!

  14. Gustav

    Great customer service, I couldn’t get anything out of the bottle at first but then I wrote an email and they sent me a new one + an extra product for free!! Now I have 3 for the price of one (actually the old pump even started working after I put it in the sun to warm it up)

  15. Anna

    For me it’s a bit too thick to have on the face, but for the body is good. I really like the idea though

  16. Gisele

    Found this product through instagram and I’m soooooo happy that there’s is finally a brand out there that cares about nature just like me! I’m a big fan!

  17. Marion

    Works well! No sunburn (spent a full day at the beach), natural ingredients, smells good

  18. Maggi

    Really positive experience. Most minimalistic sunscreen I’ve seen, fantastic how you can achieve the same protection with just a bunch of very familiar and simply good ingredients!

    Not sure how to describe the whitening effect the best way – sometimes I put on a lot, rub it in diligently, and my skin doesn’t seem white at all, other times I put on a normal amount and I can see some white dots on my arms (at the hair roots). In summary, it doesn’t bother me (I rather have slightly whitish skin compared to the chemical alternative) but I guess most people would like to read how it looks like in reality. Compared to other zinc sunscreens I’ve tried the whitening effect is certainly less prominent.

  19. Marc

    Simply love this product. It works incredibly well, in water too, and it has a very unobtrusive, natural smell. Might be the best natural sunscreen I have ever had!

  20. Nicole

    Tried their face sunscreen first, then bought this one for the body as well. Fantastic combination, both sunscreens are now my absolute go-to products for this summer !

  21. Mattias

    Fantastic product and great philosophy. It works just as well as any of those cheap sunscreens loaded with most dubious chemicals, or even better. At least it doesn’t burn in your eyes and it’s also not the end of the world when our kids get some into their mouth. Really very handy with kids, it helps a great deal that it protects from the second you put it on since I usually forget to apply sun cream before going out. Stoked!

  22. Martina

    Comparably very reduced whitening effect. Really cool to have found a zinc based sunscreen that is actually socially acceptable. thank you so much!

  23. Sarah & kids

    Great product for the entire family. Smells nice and not too much, just a faint coconut smell, which I really like. Protected all of us very well. Packaging is very easy to handle. We’re fans now!

  24. Patrick A.

    So needed! Already buying a second time, finally a sunscreen where I don’t have to feel bad about going swimming in the ocean with it. Or putting it onto my skin / getting it into my organism. More of that!

  25. Enzo

    Love the idea and ingredients, left a slight white shine on me when I applied a lot though… Not a big deal but I wish it would go on a bit smoother.

  26. Frédéric Dubois

    Really nice product. The sunscreen smells nice, not too intense smell. Great to see what you can achieve without using any weird sounding stuff.

    Some ideas for further improvement:
    – plastic-free packaging? Nice that the other one already is packaged without using plastic, maybe that’s possible for this one too?
    – water resistant label? The label looked slightly destroyed after a few weeks (of admittedly quite intense use), the ink was smudged in many places which doesn’t really bother me that much since I know what’s in it, but it might be useful feedback for the manufacturer

    Keep those natural products coming!

  27. Joana

    I got a bit white from it, otherwise good, like the ingredients

  28. Pia

    After a long and winding search I have finally found THE sunscreen for the summer! Finally a product where the list of ingredients doesn’t scare the living daylights out of me, chemical-free, no perfume, no other weird stuff. Feels much better to put on a product where I can understand and pronounce the ingredients. A product and a philosophy that should be supported!

  29. Fabiane

    Over years and years of using sunscreen for hiking and beach adventures, I’ve come up with quite a strict list of criteria but seldomly found a sunscreen that ticks as many boxes as this one. My criteria are:
    – Only mineral Uv-filter, no oxybenzone or octrocrylene, no titanium dioxide either (which is mineral but dangerous to inhale), so only zinc oxide instead
    – no preservatives, parabens, perfume
    – doesn’t make me completely white – of course I know that’s the price you pay for using only zinc oxide, to a certain extent, but I do want to be able to take pictures on which I don’t look like a total snowman
    – good consistency of the sunscreen, no separation of oils and other ingredients
    – I can use it on my face too, not greasy

    Amazingly, I’m pretty happy with this sunscreen and I’m really not easy to convince. If the sunscreen could be even more invisible, that would give it another plus point, but as long as you rub it in thoroughly, you’re really not white usually.

    Well done!

  30. Tim

    Had very high expectations and have to say I’m really happy with this product. It’s rare to find such a pure all natural product that works really well, has a pleasant smell and is not completely overpriced. Possibly can’t get any better in terms of natural sun protection.

  31. Petra

    Great family size. Totally stoked about the simplicity of this sunscreen, and yet it is so effective in protecting the skin. Feels great, smells great, we’re fans 🙂

    Plus, really great service! Talked to Julia who was very helpful and the product was shipped even faster than promised by her.

  32. Katie

    Very thought-through product. The ingredients are top quality and the degree of protection is great, I followed the instructions (reapplied after about 2 hours) and had a great experience all in all. Looking forward to using it again on my next holiday.

  33. Martha

    As a mother of three small kids (3-10), I’m always on the lookout for great products like this one. The concept is round, you can feel the sunscreen is very pleasant on your skin and doesn’t itch or feel / smell chemical, which is very nice. I had high expectations and I feel this sunscreen meets them completely. Just what I needed to put on my kids’ skin every morning before I sent them to school. Thank you!

  34. Sam

    Does make you a bit white, which is not a big problem and really the only slight downside with this product. Didn’t notice any whiteness in my face, only on my legs so maybe it is also related to how diligently you rub it in and how much you apply. In both cases, the sunscreen protected my skin well, I have not gotten a single sunburn while using this product. Also really like the smell, nice and coconutty.

  35. Isabel

    In love with the smell. Great product, just does what you expect it to and on top of great sun protection it doesn’t burn in my eyes, feel greasy or any of that.

  36. Cindy Peters

    Super happy. Had my doubts about the whitening effect but decided to give it a try anyways and now I’m glad I did. Felt very smooth and nice on the skin and really only left the slightest white sheen. Very satisfied.

  37. Sandy

    Great value for money. The product is awesome and the large size really lasts for a long time, I had it for approximately three weeks and used it almost every day. Whole family loved it, first time my kids didn’t violently resist me when trying to put sunscreen on them. Fantastic product for the entire family!

  38. Maria

    Who says you need these long lists of incomprehensible stuff? This is simply to the point, and it works. My new favourite for the summer.

  39. Beate

    Very satisfied. Was looking for a sunscreen for the entire family, and this one really fulfills all our needs. It protects reliably (from UVA as well, which some other sunscreens don’t offer), it is water resistant (put to the acid test by my two outdoor-loving children) and it smells very nice on top. Great natural product, I’d love to see more of that! Will recommend to my friends and extended family as well.

  40. Peter

    Really stoked about the idea. Ingredients are fantastic, product too. No sunburn, no redness, very easy to apply and handy on the beach. What could be improved is the label: after three weeks of exposure to sand, wind and weather it looked rather unappealing. That’s the only reason why I’m only giving 4 stars. On the other hand, better to have a paper label that is quite smudged and worn after a few weeks than a plastic label that doesn’t dissolve in a hundred years. But maybe the label can be protected in a better way?

  41. Sebastian M.

    Nice and pleasant sunscreen, easy to apply and carry to the beach without leaking. Liked the smell too, something different.

  42. Alex McGregor

    Super nice team & their products are awesome. Just look at the list of ingredients and you know this makes so much more sense. Definitely worth paying a few extra cents when what you get is such a round and natural product! Terrific experience

  43. Katie

    My son loves this product so I do too. Smells nice, a bit like Bounty?

  44. Sonia

    My son’s skin is very sensitive (we’re dealing with neurodermitis among others) therefore I usually try to not even use any sunscreen but rather make sure he’s covered up with long-sleeved shirts, caps and all that. Which has made me the most hated mum in many moments 😉 Finding this product was a great relief, he can actually wear it without any skin irritation and he can finally play football without sweating like hell! Very thankful to have foudn this.

  45. Stephanie

    Smells great, reminds me of Pina Colada in a way (but more natural), definitely coconut. Nice that it’s not as greasy as other sunscreens I’ve had. One bottle lasted for about a week (I used it every day), so next time I’ll buy the other one.

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FAQ, Warranty and Shipping

Here we’ve collected the most common questions we get from people. Can’t find your answer here? Visit our dedicated FAQ page. 

Our warehouse is located in Sweden, and even though your order will be processed and sent out lightning fast (often within the same day) shipping will take longer the further away from us you live. Here are the shipping times you can expect: Sweden: 1-2 days. Central / North Europe: 3-5 days. South Europe: 3-7 days. North America: 6-8 days. Africa: 14-18 days. Australia: 10-12 days. Asia: 10-20 days. South America: 10-20 days. 

Yes! All Suntribe’s Sunscreens have the necessary cosmetics certifications and are certified at independent laboratories to verify their claims, such as SPF factor and broad spectrum protection (UVB / UVA) capabilities. You can find out more about our certifications >here<.

Many chemical ingredients used in conventional sunscreens have been found to be damaging to the environment. Oxybenzone, one of the most commonly used ingredients which is found in 3,500 brands of sunscreens worldwide, is of particular concern.

Researchers have found that Oxybenzone damages coral with on concentrations as low as 62 parts per trillion, which is equivalent to a single drop of water in six and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools. Considering the fact that between 6000-14000 tons of sunscreen end up in coral zones each year, one can easily imagine the devastating impact conventional sunscreens have on our planet’s precious coral reefs (Source).

We only use non-nano Zinc Oxide in our sunscreen. Along with Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide is the only UVA & UVB blocker that has been deemed safe for coral reefs. Zinc Oxide is recommended by the US National Park Service as the most environmentally friendly available form of sunscreen protection. Remember, if it is on your skin, it is on the reef as well!

You can order from anywhere on planet earth, shipping always costs € 2.99 / SEK 29 / £ 2.99, depending on the country that you are based in. Shipping is free for all orders over € 35 / 350 SEK / £ 35.

We want you to be 100% happy, and therefore have a full refund policy within 30 days after you have received your order. It doesn’t matter if the product has been opened – please give it a full test at the beach or climb Mount Everest with it before you decide. If you’re unhappy with the products after having tested them, we will offer you a suitable solution, for example a free replacement or a money refund.  To get in touch you can contact us >here<. 

Yes! What many do not know is that the difference in protection between SPF 30 and SPF 50 is only 1%. SPF 30 protects against 97% of sunburn rays, while SPF 50 protects against 98%. SPF 50 sunscreens can therefore mislead people into thinking they are more protected than they actually are. SPF 50 also requires the use of UV filters that are not as safe as Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, the only UV filter we use. For this reason we never go above SPF 30.

You can find out more about this topic in this blog article: Why SPF 30 is the New SPF 50