Our Partners

On this page we’ve collected all of our active partnerships. Our partners are essential for fulfilling our mission of creating functional sunscreens that are safe for nature. Suntribe’s partners bring valuable feedback to the table as well as real world testing to ensure that our sunscreens are up to the task of protecting you even in the toughest weather conditions. If you are interested in becoming a Suntribe partner, please reach out!

The Suntribe Brand Ambassadors

Tim Latte

Swedish WLS Pro Surfer

“Among all the brands I’ve tried only Suntribe manages to combine ethics with functionality. In my opinion there’s no better sunscreen out there.”

Suntribe ® | Surfing

Jimmy and Ubo

Italian Olympic Class Sailors 

“Suntribe has kept us safe from the sun on all our sailing trips around the world! We sail in many areas with sensitive marine life so using a reef safe sunscreen is a must for us.”

Morgane Loiseau

French Longboarder

“Suntribe allows me to focus on the sport – I don’t constantly need to go back to shore to re-apply. And it feels good knowing I’m not harming the ocean while surfing!”

Alenka Mali

Canadian Outdoor Enthuasist & Thrillseeker

“Suntribe is the only brand I’ve found that makes highly functional sunscreens that don’t harm nature. It’s the only sunscreen choice for me.”

Anne-cécile Lacoste

World Body Boarding Champion & Six Times French Champion

“A sunscreen that’s safe for the environment and keeps me protected in the water all day long – what more can I ask for?”

Interviewing Suntribe Ambassador Anne-Cecile

Julian Siewert

German Free Surfer & Blogger at Surfnomade

“With Suntribe I have now finally found a skin-friendly sunscreen that protects me reliably from sunburn. The sun stick has become an indispensable travel companion.”

Elena Sandera

Swiss Pro Windsurfer

Suntribe helps to protect my light complexion from the sun while also protecting my playground, the ocean, with its reef safe formula! It stays on all day and sunburns are now a thing of the past.

Ugo Robin

French Surf Instructor 

“Suntribe is the only sunscreen I’ve tried that stays on for hours in the water – it’s just the best”

Rachael Hooper

British Freestyle Kitesurfing Champion

“I love Suntribe, it doesn’t sting if it gets in my eyes and the smell is amazing. And it protects me without fault every time.”

A Selection of Environmental Organisations we Work With

Nordic Ocean Watch

Environmental collective that organises beach clean-ups and similar events to remove plastic from our beaches and oceans, guided by the principle of “Tavaha” – an Norwegian expression that means “taking care of the ocean”. Learn more here: The Nordic Ocean Watch Story

Safe Sunscreen Coalition

The Safe Sunscreen Coalition is on a mission to raise awareness on the dangers of toxic sunscreens and ban toxic sunscreen ingredients worldwide! They certify companies that offer mineral sunscreens free of toxic chemicals, hormone disruptors, and carcinogens – which includes Suntribe. Learn more here: sunscreensafe.com