Suntribe All Natural After Sun Balm Eucalyptus & Jojoba, 100 ml

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100% NATURAL AFTER SUN BALM Provides your skin with the deep replenishment needed after a sun intensive day and soothes any painful sensations.

ORGANIC & GENTLE Pure and rich formula with five 100% organic and vegan ingredients.

SOOTHING & COOLING Contains Eucalyptus, Peppermint and Tamanu Oil for immediate relief along with a relaxing and fresh smell.

0% ADDITIVES Finally a worry-free after sun balm!

199 kr


Need to treat your skin after a long day in the sun? This rich after sun balm is a great addition to any sun care routine! Formulated with five vegan and organic ingredients, this balm provides your skin with deep replenishment while soothing any painful sensations and redness. Exclusive Tamanu Oil provides pain relief while Jojoba Oil kick-starts your skin’s natural repair process. With a natural smell of eucalyptus and peppermint you’re left with a soothing feeling.

Suitable for all skin types, especially suitable for sensitive skin. Non-comedogenic (doesn’t clog your pores). 

Content: 100 ml, 3.4 oz.


Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter°, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil°, Calophyllum Inophyllum (Tamanu) Seed Oil°, Eucalyptus Globulus (Eucalyptus) Leaf Oil°, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil°, Limonene°°, Linalool°°. °Organic °°Naturally occurring in essential oils.

Material: 56% recycled aluminium, 100% recycled paper labels. Plastic-free. How to recycle: Metal. Alternatively, remove any remaining after sun balm with some paper and reuse the tin as a container for small items such as jewellery or spices! Made in the EU. 

Shelf life: Up to 24 months, check the date on the packaging. If the consistency or smell of the after sun balm do not change noticeably, you can still use the after sun balm after the expiry date. Store in a dry place at room temperature or cooler (8 to 20 degrees). Keep away from direct sunlight.

How to use

Apply on your entire body and face after exposure to the sun or whenever you feel like giving your skin a treat. This aftersun balm is not diluted with water which is why you’ll notice that you only need a little bit of cream to feel an effect!

Great to know: this After Sun Balm also works great as an aftershave to restore moisture, reduce itchiness and support skin repair!

26 reviews for Suntribe All Natural After Sun Balm Eucalyptus & Jojoba, 100 ml

  1. Elisa

    Miglior doposole mai provato. Freschezza balsamica e profumo di After eight. Texture idratante spumosa e leggermente oleosa ma facilmente assorbibile che reidrata e rinfresca la pelle dopo il sole. Packaging plastic free che la rende ancora più ecologica oltre che l’INCI perfetto e tutto naturale. La adoro il solo profumo mi fa pensare al mare e alle vacanze.

  2. Matteo

    Prodotto arrivato in tempo e ben confezionato. La crema è molto idratante e si assorbe meravigliosamente, ma il profumo è molto strano. Non si sente affatto l’odore del cocco ed è difficile distinguere i vari ingredienti.

  3. Riccardo

    Questo è un balsamo doposole fantastico! Il fatto che sia tutto naturale e così efficace mi rende un grande fan

  4. Samuel

    Wirklich effektiver After Sun Balm. Habe ihn den ganzen Sommer lang fast täglich verwendet und bin super zufrieden!

  5. Sunny Bravo

    Being Thai, the smell of Eucalyptus feels very natural to me. I applied this after being out this sunny week to my arms, neck and shoulders. Honestly, a similar effect to Aloe Vera!

  6. Alice

    It is such a pleasure to use this butter after a day in the sun! It is really easy to apply, smells super good and leaves the skin moisturized and slightly shiny. The next day after using this product my skin looks and feels healthy, relieved and repaired. I have to admit I use this butter also if I didn’t expose my body to the sun, just because it is so good for my skin.
    The packaging is plastic-free, made of recycled aluminum and recycled paper labels.

  7. Katie Rodgers

    We used this while in Italy last year. A great alternative to the plastic bottled after sun, all natural so no nasty chemicals added. Worked great on spots that we missed with suntan lotion. Highly recommend

  8. Anonym

    Mir gefällt die Verpackung sowie der Duft besonders gut! Die Körperbutter ist sehr ergiebig und pflegend. Somit stimmt meiner Meinung nach auch das Preis-Leistungs-Verhältnis super.
    Ich bin sehr zufrieden und werde sie bestimmt erneut kaufen.

  9. Manuela Neuthard


  10. Claudia

    I tried Suntribe’s body butter with Eucalyptus and Jojoba Oil after a long sunny day, and I’m super happy with my purchase. The butter has a natural color and a pleasant consistency that makes it easy to apply and absorb, without leaving the skin greasy. The presence of Eucalyptus oil refreshes the skin after exposure to the sun and leaves a relaxing natural fragrance on the skin that lasts a long time. I highly recommend it for your beach holidays! 🙂

  11. Rudy

    I really like the packaging as well as the scent! The body butter is very rich and caring. Thus, in my opinion, the price-performance ratio was great.
    I am very satisfied and will definitely buy it again.

  12. Anna

    Great After Sun! This is the first organic After Sun I tried. I really like the smell and it helped my skin to handle a week of extreme exposure to the sun. The only negative thing I can say is that it melted due to the heat. I could have expected that (since my cream deodorant does the same), but I didn’t and almost spilled half of it when I first opened the tin. However, it works very well and I can definitely recommend it.

  13. Nickie

    Absolutely in love with this body butter and this is the second order I’m making. My entire family loves to put it on after spending a day at the beach. So soothing!!

  14. Ewan Anderson

    Does what it says on the tin. Few ingredients, soothes the skin – no complaints. Five stars from me.

  15. jean

    Does what it says but I feel it is a bit expensive… can’t complain about the actual product though, it worked. Just wish they would put the price down a bit so for the future because for me it’s a bit expensive

  16. Carmen

    Very good! Calming, soothing feeling. Very good value for money I think this tin will last a long time

  17. Marcus

    After a long session surfing I got a bit red, put this on at the evening and it felt great on the skin. Cooling effect, felt like my skin was regenerated a lot more quickly!

  18. Michael

    Works great

  19. Nickie

    My tin was dented on arrival! For this price I think it should be packed a bit better!

  20. Belinda

    Thanks for putting out this product Suntribe! I loooove it. Smells great and is really soothing on the skin!

  21. Johanna

    The body butter smells very pleasant and feels very good on my skin. Love that it has so few ingredients, My skin feels fresh for a long time! Can only recommend this, thanks Suntribe!!

  22. Elin

    Perfect to put on in the evening after a long day in the sun! It really helped calm my skin just like the description says, also loooooove the smell

  23. Emma

    Quick arrival! Love the design and of course the product! Really soothing!!

  24. Rachel

    Finally!! I’ve used Suntribes sunscreens from the beginning and I’m stoked they finally have other cosmetics! I’m a fan of this, feels great on the skin after spending a day in the sun!

  25. Elenor

    This has become my new favorite after a long day in the sun. Really calms and soothes my skin, no outbreaks, no redness, just a great feeling. Will for sure buy again

  26. M.Damian

    Ich bin glücklich mit ihr – Sehr gut

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