Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sunscreen Face & Sport SPF30 | Original White

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100% NATURAL ZINC SUNSCREEN | Reef safe sunscreen for all kinds of outdoor activities, such as surfing. Warm / tropical formula (easiest to apply above 20 degrees). Completely free from harmful chemical UV-filters, parabens, alcohol, preservatives, perfume and synthetic chemicals.

ORGANIC & GENTLE | Thick visible sports formula based on three natural & certified organic ingredients, available in four fun colours in plastic free packaging. Hypoallergenic, suitable for kids and all skin types.

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE | Scientifically validated broad spectrum protection against both UVA & UVB rays – SPF 30 (blocks 97% of UVB rays). Very water resistant and sweat resistant.

MINERAL UV-FILTER / REEF SAFE | Contains Non-Nano Zinc Oxide which according to research is the safest available UV-filter for human health, corals and marine life.

USED BY PROFESSIONAL ATHLETES | Loved for its combination of performance and environmental friendliness by adventurers world wide. As Suntribe ambassadors we count among others pro surfer Tim Latte & Olympic class sailors Jimmy & Ubo.




The All Natural Face & Sport Zinc Sunscreen is a 100% natural, reef safe zinc sunscreen for all kinds of sports and outdoor activities in a leak-proof plastic free packaging. Loved for its combination of performance and environmental friendliness by professional athletes and ordinary adventurers around the globe. Popularly used in extreme conditions, imagine big waves and stormy seas.

Thick, visible sports formula which works in all temperatures and has ideal consistency in temperatures above 20 degrees. This natural zinc sunscreen is the ideal to protect sensitive areas of your face, such as ears, nose and lips in warm to tropical conditions. Hypoallergenic – suitable for kids and all skin types. Completely free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives and perfumes which makes it a natural and safe alternative for heavy-duty sun protection and long-lasting water resistance and sweat resistance.

This zinc sunscreen builds a protective shield on top of your skin from the first moment of application, providing broad spectrum SPF 30 protection against UVA & UVB rays (blocks 97% of UVB rays). This sports sunscreen contains Non-Nano Zinc Oxide which according to research is the safest available UV-filter for human health, corals and marine life.

Original White is Suntribe’s classic sports formula and has a natural white color.

Material: Tin made from 56% recycled tin sheet, fully recyclable. 100% paper labels. How to recycle: Metal. Made in the EU.

Shelf life: Up to 3 years. Use up within 1 year once opened.


Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil°, Cera Alba (Beeswax)°, Non-Nano Zinc Oxide. °Organic

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide provides safe sun protection 

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide makes this the perfect sunscreen for a day at the beach. It is a mineral UV filter that provides broad spectrum SPF 30 sun protection and is safe for your skin and the environment (reef safe). Blocks 97% of UVB rays and protects your from UVA rays as well.

Organic Beeswax provides water resistance 

Beeswax makes this zinc sunblock highly water and sweat resistant and protects your skin from external damage.

Organic Coconut Oil nourishes 

Coconut Oil provides moisture, has antibacterial properties and a high content of minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. Nourishes and boosts your skin, plus it smells divine!

How To Use

The thick formula is developed mainly for application on your face, shoulders, hands and arms.

Easiest to apply at room temperature (20 degrees or above). In colder temperatures, keep the tin in your pocket or warm it in your hand for a minute.

Apply a transparent layer when spending up to two hours under low sun exposure (before 11am or after 4pm). When spending the whole day in highly reflexive environments (snow/water) or under high sun exposure (11am-4pm), apply a thick visible layer in addition as you can see in this video:


Our warehouse is located in Sweden, and even though your order will be processed and sent out lightning fast (often within the same day) shipping will take longer the further away from us you live. Here are the shipping times you can expect:

Sweden: 1-2 days. Central / North Europe: 3-5 days. South Europe: 3-7 days. North America: 6-8 days. Africa: 14-18 days. Australia: 10-12 days. Asia: 10-20 days. South America: 10-20 days.

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This natural zinc sunscreen is ideal to protect the most sensitive parts of your skin such as your face and neck. To protect your entire body we recommend our All Natural Mineral Sunscreen for Body & Face. Click here to have a look.

26 reviews for Suntribe All Natural Zinc Sunscreen Face & Sport SPF30 | Original White

  1. Laurane

    I went to the beach. I live in Portugal and sincerely 100% efficiency. Resists water and feels very good. I will buy it again and again!

  2. Hellsbells

    Great product and perfect for the toddler refusing to have suncream reapplied frequently when in and out of the swimming pool

  3. Ben Tetlow

    Only sunscreen I plan on using for sports and mainly surfing, works great and doesn’t cause acne breakouts…really confused why other brands use tons of ingredients tbh

  4. nigel jones

    I have a problem using normal sunscreen on my face, in as much that it irritates my eyes, after research it seemed i needed a zinc based cream, this product has solved my problem, although it is difficult to totally rub in and there’s always a little bit of residue left its better than having sore itchy running eyes, i can certainly recommend and will be buying again when i run out…. BIG thanks.

  5. Amazon Customer

    This product is great too and in a really funky little innnovative yet retro container! My son works at a watersports center here in Greece and has raved about this product, so any serious sports fanatics in the sun looking for a great sun block then this is your baby!

  6. Ex-Pat in Sweden

    I’d bought this sunscreen out of curiosity to be honest. A sunscreen in a tin, with only 3 ingredients? That piqued my interest and despite the fact that I’m not a surfer I had a very good experience. The way I use the sunscreen is that I apply the tiniest little bit on my nose and cheek especially, make sure to rub it in well and I can be out for several hours in the sun without a hint of redness. I like it that this is by far the least greasy sunscreen I have ever tried and it barely smells at all. Most importantly, it doesn’t run and lasts for hours. The tin makes it super easy to carry around as well. A very good experience

  7. Lola

    Great product, smells beautiful, easily opened and applied, so pleased I’ve finally found a product that stops my sons nose from burning

  8. Paul

    When I go kiting the first time in the spring, I usually burn myself at least once.
    Luckily, this time I had the sunscreen from Suntribe with me, which has absolutely convinced me. We were partly 5 hours in the water and one does not necessarily think of the Nachtragen, if the conditions are so optimal. Still, we were not a bit red in the evening, just fantastic !! Apply thick enough to have a nice white face and then wipe off with a washcloth in the evening – that works great!

  9. Oscar

    No sunburn, no running, best sunscreen I’ve ever had. It has a clever opening mechanism, you just pop it open at the arrow in the front. /Oscar

  10. Clement

    Feb Zinc très agréable qui protège et hydrate en même temps, a utiliser en montagne mais également en mer. Boîtier contenant le zinc sans plastique, compact, packaging sympa, et très intuitif d’ouverture et facile a transporter ! Je recommande vivement

  11. Eric

    Always stays on for those super long surfs, great!

  12. Toby

    First time I feel good about what I put onto my skin and what washes off my skin into the ocean when I go diving. Awesome product! Especially when you’ve read about the impact other UV-filters have it is fantastic to find a product that actually responds to these studies and provides a great alternative for everyone that cares just one bit about our beautiful oceans. I’ve been diving for years and even stopped using sunscreen at all for a while because I simply couldn’t find anything that wouldn’t give me the shivers. This product is just what I had been looking for, thank you so much!

  13. Max

    Great product. Protects extremely well and one tin lasts for like an eternity.

  14. The Andersson family

    Such a simple product and it works so well. Just goes to show you you really don’t need all these chemicals that you can’t even pronounce. Wonderful concept that we love to support!

  15. Klara

    Wir lieben diese Sonnencreme! Waren drei Wochen Segeln in der Karibik damit und einfach begeistert vom Ergebnis. So toll wenn man sich mal nicht ständig sorgen muss, dass man trotz Sonnencreme verbrennt. Die Sonne war wirklich extrem und wir fühlten uns sehr gut geschützt, die Creme war auch sehr angenehm auf der Haut, hatte sogar gefühlt einen leicht kühlenden Effekt? Bei unserem nächsten Segeltrip definitiv wieder dabei, die ganze Crew war hin und weg.

  16. Sabine

    Got introduced to this sunscreen at our surf camp in Portugal and bought it again afterwards, since it was really our saviour during that surf trip! It really protected well despite the fact that we spent literally hours in the water, forgot about time or reapplying and even went out during noon. Surfing is so much more fun when you don’t have to worry about our skin coming off afterwards!

  17. Stefan

    This sunscreen has become indispensable when we go kiting. Most bulletproof method of sun protection I have encountered so far and I have tried a lot. Love the natural approach to it!

  18. Michael

    Quite a challenge to get the sunscreen out of the tin in the beginning, but once you get the hang of it it works perfectly! Switched to using my fingernails after a while, that worked great. Once it was on my skin, I couldn’t have been any happier! Really didn’t have to worry about getting sunburned, the cream really stuck to my face and I could stay in the water for hours, without even having to check. Will never go surfing without it again.

  19. Daniel M.

    Impossible to apply in cold temperatures. It didn’t really soften in the temperatures we were in (between 10-15 degrees), rubbing it in took a long time and it was difficult to apply it evenly. Will try again during our summer holiday and hopefully the consistency will be better in warmer temperatures.

  20. Sophie

    The team was really nice and helpful and gave great advice. Now I’m using the tin for myself when I go swimming and running and the liquid sunscreen they have (it’s called Face & Body) for my children, because it is much easier to apply. Feel great to support a company with such awesome products, hope you launch more of them soon (a natural shampoo would be nice :))

  21. Mona

    I have very sensitive skin that burns super easily, so I always have to take extreme care in the sun which is very annoying when you want to go climbing on a sunny day. Tried this sunscreen on a climbing trip in France and was very satisfied with the result: not even a hint of redness (on the skin parts where I had applied it)!

    Only downside: it does make you white for sure when you want to be protected the entire day. We usually applied a thin layer all over our faces plus some very visible “stripes” over our cheeks and on our noses. Some of my friends had been using similar creams / pastes before and were used to it, to me it was new but ultimately I didn’t mind – it looks quite cool actually, when you go climbing at least 🙂

  22. Anna-Maria

    I ordered this product because the ingredients sound great, and the fact that it only has three of them (!!) is fantastic. Found it very hard to apply for every day use though, it does make you a bit white even when you only apply only a little bit. Will still give it five stars because for biking it was perfect and I’m simply stoked about the simplicity of it.

    In summary, it might not be the ideal product for me (since I don’t do more sports than mountain biking), so for my daily needs the more liquid sunscreen they have (the one that comes in a bottle) is much better suited.

  23. Nick A.

    Love this sunscreen because it just works incredibly well but really had to teach myself how to use it in the beginning (therefore only 4 stars). If it would be a bit softer I would love to give 5! The tricks I used over time: warmed the tin in my hands or even sat on it (that works great actually ;)), rubbed the sunscreen between my fingers / on the back of my hand before applying it onto my face, made vigorous use of my fingernails.

    Once you know how the application works, it’s really fantastic to use this sunscreen! Didn’t get burned a single time when I was wearing it, even when I forgot to reapply. The water resistance is incredible.

  24. Susanna

    Was looking for a sunscreen that doesn’t make my skin break out. This one really did the job well, it protects the entire day and after a week of using it daily I didn’t have any skin irritations or break-outs. Which is a great relief! Love that it’s only three ingredients.

  25. Davida Åström

    When I found this product I was so stoked about the entire concept, why would anyone use more ingredients if these three are more than enough? Especially when this product provides better sun protection than any other product I’ve tried, not even a sign of redness or sunburn. For my kind of skin that usually reacts to sunscreen with small pimples, it was such a relief to find this product. It felt smooth and absolutely non-greasy on my skin and I didn’t get a single pimple! It was rather that my skin looked more balanced afterward. Will absolutely buy it again.

  26. Tim Washington

    I used it for a prolonged working trip through South East Asia and it was the best item I brought along on the trip. I was out in the sun all day everyday.
    – I usually get sunburned on the first day regardless of how much sunscreen I put on but with this one I actually escaped any sunburn at all!
    – It’s definitely the most bulletproof method of sun protection I’ve encountered so far
    – Of course you can’t easily apply it on your entire body unfortunately, but for the face, hands and neck it worked better than anything else
    – Super waterproof, the question is more how to get it off! But we figured it out, either rubbing it into the skin afterwards (makes the skin super soft) or using a soft towel is the best approach.
    – Such a handy size to keep in your pocket and use readily.

    A great product for all outdoor activity not just sailing and surfing!

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Our warehouse is located in Sweden, and even though your order will be processed and sent out lightning fast (often within the same day) shipping will take longer the further away from us you live. Here are the shipping times you can expect: Sweden: 1-2 days. Central / North Europe: 3-5 days. South Europe: 3-7 days. North America: 6-8 days. Africa: 14-18 days. Australia: 10-12 days. Asia: 10-20 days. South America: 10-20 days. 

Yes! All Suntribe’s Sunscreens have the necessary cosmetics certifications and are certified at independent laboratories to verify their claims, such as SPF factor and broad spectrum protection (UVB / UVA) capabilities. You can find out more about our certifications >here<.

Many chemical ingredients used in conventional sunscreens have been found to be damaging to the environment. Oxybenzone, one of the most commonly used ingredients which is found in 3,500 brands of sunscreens worldwide, is of particular concern.

Researchers have found that Oxybenzone damages coral with on concentrations as low as 62 parts per trillion, which is equivalent to a single drop of water in six and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools. Considering the fact that between 6000-14000 tons of sunscreen end up in coral zones each year, one can easily imagine the devastating impact conventional sunscreens have on our planet’s precious coral reefs (Source).

We only use non-nano Zinc Oxide in our sunscreen. Along with Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide is the only UVA & UVB blocker that has been deemed safe for coral reefs. Zinc Oxide is recommended by the US National Park Service as the most environmentally friendly available form of sunscreen protection. Remember, if it is on your skin, it is on the reef as well!

You can order from anywhere on planet earth, shipping always costs € 2.99 / SEK 29 / £ 2.99, depending on the country that you are based in. Shipping is free for all orders over € 35 / 350 SEK / £ 35.

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Yes! What many do not know is that the difference in protection between SPF 30 and SPF 50 is only 1%. SPF 30 protects against 97% of sunburn rays, while SPF 50 protects against 98%. SPF 50 sunscreens can therefore mislead people into thinking they are more protected than they actually are. SPF 50 also requires the use of UV filters that are not as safe as Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, the only UV filter we use. For this reason we never go above SPF 30.

You can find out more about this topic in this blog article: Why SPF 30 is the New SPF 50