Worry-Free Natural Sunscreens

Safe for you and nature.

Worry-Free Natural Sunscreens

Safe for you and nature.

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Of ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are harmful for humans or the environment
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Of coral reefs worldwide are threatened by bleaching from sunscreen chemicals
million kilos of sunscreen end up in the world's ocean every year from swimmers


Worry-Free Natural Skincare.

100% free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives and perfumes.

Mineral UV-filter (Non-Nano Zinc Oxide)

Certified SPF & UVA / UVB protection

Pure and rich formulas. Not diluted with water.

Cruelty free.

Reef safe.


Worry-Free Natural Skincare

100% free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and perfumes.

Certified UVA / UVB protection.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide as a mineral UV-filter.

Pure and rich formulas. Not diluted with water.​

Cruelty free.

Reef safe.


All Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30


Our allrounder: Perfect for sports, a walk in the park or a day at the beach.

All Natural Mineral Day Cream SPF 20


Tinted mineral sunscreen for daily application before or instead of make-up.

Face & Sport All Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30


For the athletes: resists water and sweat in the roughest conditions and lasts several hours.

All Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30


Our award winning all-round sunscreen: Perfect for sports, a walk in the park or a day at the beach.



For the athletes: resists water and sweat in the roughest conditions and lasts several hours.​



Tinted mineral sunscreen for daily application before or instead of make-up.

Born from the love of nature

As surf teachers and outdoor fanatics we had grown tired of not being able to find high performing sunscreens which were also safe for nature. We realised if we wanted environmentally friendly, highly functional natural sunscreens we had to create them ourselves - so that's what we did.

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Every year, 14 000 tons of sunscreen are washed into the ocean from swimmers, leading to widespread destruction of marine life. 10% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by bleaching caused by the most commonly used chemical UV-filter, Oxybenzone. To counter the problem, at Suntribe we scientifically validate our sunscreens to be 100% safe for marine life. We are also proud to be partnering with Nordic Ocean Watch and Sea Going Green - two organisations focused on reducing the negative impact us humans have on the oceans of our planet.

Tim Latte, Sweden
Pro surfer
Ubo Crivelli & Jimmy Togni, Italy
Olympic Class Sailors 49er.
Rachael Hooper, UK
Women’s Pro Freestyle Champion UK.
Davide Dettori, Italy
Professional Surfer since 2004.
Oliver Hartkopp, Denmark
2 x Danish Surf Champion.
Fanny Baumann, Sweden
Olympic Class Windsurfer.
Lionel Medina, Spain
World Tour Bodyboarder.


For athletes taking on demanding challenges in extreme weather conditions, it’s especially important to be confident in the sunscreen they use. For this reason, Suntribe is the choice of numerous professional athletes around the world.

As part of the tribe, we count Swedish pro surfer Tim Latte, British kitesurfing champion Rachael Hooper and the Olympic class sailors Jimmy & Ubo. So whether you surf giant waves on a far away tropical coast or sail around the world you can feel certain Suntribe is up to the challenge.


Wondering whether a natural sunscreen can protect you against the sun just as well as a conventional one? Don't worry. All Suntribe sunscreens offer broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB-rays and are certified by independent laboratories.

Our sunscreens have achieved the highest possible rating in regards to safety for human health and the environment by acclaimed organisations such as the Environmental Working Group (EWG.org) and the Clean Beauty Awards (cleanbeautyawards.com).


We are often asked why we do not offer SPF 50 products. The reason is simple: the difference between SPF 30 and SPF 50 is only 1 percent measured in protection.

SPF 50 sunscreens do not offer significantly more protection and can mislead people into thinking they have more protection than they actually do. For this reason we never go above SPF 30. 

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  • When a man and a wave meet and decide to ride to the shore together! 🌊 📷 Featuring Suntribe brand ambassador @timlatte
  • Going on a skiing trip over the weekend or spending a week of surfing? Our All Natural Zinc Sunscreens for Face & Sport in the mini format are perfect for that 🙌

Plus, you can easily try out our colours this way - we offer our Zinc Sunscreen in white, tinted, ocean blue and retro red! 🏳️‍🌈 📷 Thanks to @be_dreamer_ for this cool picture!
  • The beauty of waves (even more overwhelming when you're surfing one!) 💙

We're getting anxious to surf some waves in Portugal the coming week! Currently only 1,700 km away 💪🏽 📷 Photo by @alenkamali
  • We've just transferred 50% of our sales from last Friday (Blue Friday for us) to @nordicoceanwatch, check out their profile to find out about their activities to remove plastic from our oceans and beaches! ⁠✌🏾 📷 Featuring @laurakeil
  • Looking down the cliffs at the lighthouse in Sagres into the all absorbing blue of the ocean ⁠🌊
This photo was taken two years ago when we hitchhiked down from Lisbon to Faro, now we're working round the clock on our van to get down to Portugal again before Xmas! ⁠🎄
Have you been to Portugal, if yes, which places can you recommend? 🙌
  • The perfect complement for our mineral day cream: our facial moisturiser! Apply at night or before applying the day cream to nourish and moisture your skin 🙌⁠
100% organic, contains for ingredients only: precious jojoba oil, nourishing almond oil, detoxifying sesame oil, and moisturising shea butter ✌🏾

To set a sign for mindful consumption we have decided not to give you a mind-blowing discount to motivate you to spend your money on Black Friday 🙌 
Instead we donate 50% of our Black Friday sales to @nordicoceanwatch, an environmental collective that organises beach clean-ups and other initiatives to reduce the plastic in our oceans and on our beaches 🌊

For every product that you buy on suntribesunscreen.com during Black Friday 50% of the order go directly to Nordic Ocean Watch 💪🏽 We don't want to support Black Friday so we turn it into Blue Friday instead! ✌🏾 📷 Featuring #Suntribe co-founder Karl in Hoddevik, Norway
  • Ever wondered why our day cream is invisible in your face? ⁠🙌⁠
Don't worry, we don't use Nano Zinc Oxide to achieve this effect. The trick is Iron Oxides - natural minerals! ⁠✌🏽⁠
👉🏿 3 things you should know about Iron Oxides: ⁠
✔️ Iron Oxides are compounds composed of iron and oxygen ⁠
✔️ There's 16 types of Iron Oxides in total, the best known of which is: Rust! (Which is of course not the type of Iron Oxides used in cosmetics) ⁠
✔️ Iron Oxides are safe to use in skincare, they're gentle and don't irritate your skin. They also have "staying power" meaning that you only need a tiny little bit for a long lasting colour effect⁠

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