Worry-Free Natural Sunscreens

Safe for you and nature.


Of ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are harmful for humans or the environment


Of coral reefs worldwide are threatened by bleaching from sunscreen chemicals


Countries and regions worldwide (including Hawaii, Palau, Bonaire) have already banned chemical UV-filters


Worry-Free Natural Skincare.

100% free from synthetic chemicals, preservatives and perfumes

Mineral UV-filter (Non-Nano Zinc Oxide)

Certified SPF & UVA / UVB protection

Pure and rich formulas. Not diluted with water

Cruelty free

Reef safe


Worry-Free Natural Skincare

100% free from harmful chemicals, preservatives and perfumes.

Certified UVA / UVB protection.

Non-Nano Zinc Oxide as a mineral UV-filter.

Pure and rich formulas. Not diluted with water.​

Cruelty free.

Reef safe.


All Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30


Our allrounder: Perfect for sports, a walk in the park or a day at the beach.

All Natural Mineral Day Cream SPF 20


For daily sun protection: Tinted mineral day cream with mattifying and nourishing effect.

Face & Sport All Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30


For the athletes: resists water and sweat in the roughest conditions for several hours.

Suntribe Mineral Sunscreen Body & Face 60ml Reefsafe Organic

All Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30


Our award winning all-round sunscreen: Perfect for sports, a walk in the park or a day at the beach.

Suntribe ® | All Natural Zinc Sunscreen TintedSuntribe ® | SPF 30 Natural Zinc Sunscreen Tinted Suntribe ® | SPF 30 Natural Zinc Sunscreen Tinted SPF 30 Plasticfree Reefsafe Biodegradable Organic Surf Sunblock Non-Nano



For the athletes: resists water and sweat in the roughest conditions and lasts several hours.​



For daily sun protection: Tinted mineral day cream with mattifying and nourishing effect.

David B.
Verified Purchase
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A little goes a long way with this and when it eventually does run out I will be buying more. Great product.
Omar Z.
Verified Purchase
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Finally found a suncream that's all natural and safe for reefs. I use it on my kids while on holiday and couldn't be more pleased.
Stephen Edges
Verified Purchase
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I chose this because it is natural with no chemicals. Have used it several times now and it is just what I wanted.
G. Marshall
Verified Purchase
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I have just re-ordered. Thank you Suntribe for giving me my summer back!
Verified Purchase
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I have fair skin and usually get burnt doing water-sports, but not with Suntribe. Love it!
Paul S.
Verified Purchase
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This sun cream has convinced me and my daughter completely, it does not burn in the eyes and smells very delicious!
Tante Py
Verified Purchase
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Finally, after years of searching, I have found THE sunscreen for my whole family! Honestly, I'm blown away.

Born from the love of nature

Suntribe was started in Sweden by the three outdoor loving friends Karl, Hampus and Julia. We started Suntribe because we are upset with how the sunscreen industry works today. As it is now, you can use ingredients that are proven dangerous for nature and humans and it’s all perfectly legal. Crazy, right? Our mission is to contribute to change. That's why we make worry-free natural sunscreens which are 100% free from synthetic chemicals and questionable ingredients. Just like it should be.

Suntribe ® | Natural Zinc Sunscreen White SPF 30 Plasticfree Reefsafe Organic Surf Sunblock Non-Nano


Every year, 14 000 tons of sunscreen are washed into the ocean from swimmers, leading to widespread destruction of marine life. 10% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by bleaching caused by the most commonly used chemical UV-filter, Oxybenzone. To counter the problem, at Suntribe we scientifically validate our sunscreens to be 100% safe for marine life. We are also proud to be partnering with Nordic Ocean Watch and Sea Going Green - two organisations focused on reducing the negative impact us humans have on the oceans of our planet.


For athletes taking on demanding challenges in extreme weather conditions, it’s especially important to be confident in the sunscreen they use. For this reason, Suntribe is the choice of numerous professional athletes around the world.

As part of the tribe, we count Swedish pro surfer Tim Latte, British kitesurfing champion Rachael Hooper and the Olympic class sailors Jimmy & Ubo. So whether you surf giant waves on a far away tropical coast or sail around the world you can feel certain Suntribe is up to the challenge.

Tim Latte | Sweden
Pro surfer WSL.
Ubo Crivelli | Jimmy Togni Italy
Olympic Class Sailors 49er.
Rachael Hooper | UK
Women’s Pro Freestyle Champion UK.
Oliver Hartkopp | Denmark
2 x Danish Surf Champion.
Ugo Robin | France
Pro Surfer WSL.
Lionel Medina| Spain
World Tour Bodyboarder.
Davide Dettori | Italy
Professional Surfer since 2004.


Wondering whether a natural sunscreen can protect you against the sun just as well as a conventional one? Don’t worry. All Suntribe sunscreens offer broad spectrum protection against both UVA and UVB rays and are certified by independent laboratories.

At Suntribe we know we can trust our products, and we want to ensure you can do so as well. That’s why make it easy for everyone to see the steps we take to develop and produce our products. 


Did you know that the difference in sun protection between SPF 30 and SPF 50 is only 1 percent? This means that SPF 50 sunscreens do not offer significantly more protection than SPF 30 sunscreens and can mislead people into thinking they are more protected than they actually are.

SPF 50 also requires the use of UV filters that are not as safe as Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, the only UV filter we use. For this reason we never go above SPF 30 and stick to using safe mineral UV-filters!

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  • With less tourists on the beaches due to the quarantine restrictions, less trash ended up in the ocean and needed to be collected in beach clean-ups during the last months⁠ ⛱️ ⁠ What if we always acted so that no one could even tell we where on the beach or in the ocean? ⁠🌊 ⁠ Make sure you pick up your own trash, and at least one other piece of trash, and piece by piece we'll get clean and healthy oceans and beaches for everyone to enjoy ⁠🌍 ⁠ 📷 Featuring #Suntribe brand ambassador and official @roxy surfer @sofiesimonsson
  • Before we tell you more about our new sunscreens in sugar cane tubes (swipe right to see the packaging up close), we would like to dedicate this post to our fabulous production team 🙌🏽 Our production site is based in Lithuania, and since more than half of our production team have children, they had to stay home to take care of their kids while schools and kindergardens were closed during quarantine (thankfully quarantine will now most likely be lifted on the first of June) 👪 The other half of the team put in extra work, including weekend and holiday shifts (for which they received extra pay of course), to still make this happen and complete the production of our sunscreens, and took up with a lot of unforeseeable challenges, such as suppliers not delivering or delivering very late because of covid-19 😷 We are very grateful for our highly committed production team, who found creative solutions to all problems and made our new products possible. Kudos to all of you and a big thank you, ačiū! We'll see you soon in Lithuania 💚
  • Are you also starting to get into the summer & surf vibe? We definitely are 😁 ⁠ The past months have been incredibly stressful for us (we hope it hasn't been too bad for you) as Covid-19 hit us like an avalanche that took some of our customers, most of our supply chain and the majority of our plans with it. But finally now we are close to achieving what we had planned for this season, and we can't wait to share it with you (make sure to check our story tomorrow for the first surprise :))! ✌🏼 Lots of love and pure stoke from the Suntribe! 💚 ⁠ 📷 Featuring @buntona1 photographed by @stokedfortravel @wildandfreeadventures
  • Time for some good news about our oceans 🌊 The scientists behind a recent study from the Nature magazin (April 2020) have evaluated ocean preservation projects around the globe and how they have helped ocean wildlife and habitats to recover. They conclude that our oceans can be restored and healthy in the year 2050 if we continue our efforts! ⁠✌🏽✌🏽✌🏽 ⁠ That's great news and a great motivation to continue our work! ⁠😁 ⁠ 📷 Featuring @timlatte photographed by @sdxfotografie
  • We'll probably not get to travel much this summer, but thankfully traveling brings you joy three times 😊 ✌🏼When you plan a trip ✌🏽While you're traveling ✌🏾When you remember all the great travel memories At least the first and third option are still possible! 🙌🏻 👉🏼 How do you deal with the fact that it will probably be a while longer until you can travel to foreign countries again - what helps you more, optimism or distracting yourself from the thought all together?
  • 💚 KARMA GIVEAWAY 💚⁠ ⁠ The past weeks have been tough for all of us, and all of us have had people who helped us to get through this challenging time, be it family, friends (on the phone, from a safe distance, or at home) or nurses, doctors and other medical staff ⁠🙌🏼 ⁠ Now that at least in most countries the situation is improving, it's time to say thanks, thanks to the people who prevented you from going crazy while quarantined at home⁠ for example 😊 ⁠ We're giving away a surprise for one of these people and ask you to nominate candidates for this giveaway (important: you will not receive any prize yourself, only the person you nominate enters the giveaway)⁠ 🎉 ⁠ 👉🏾 The only criteria are ⁠ ⁠ 🌞 that the person you nominate has made a difference in your life or in the life of others, helping you or others to overcome this crisis,⁠ ⁠ 🌞 that you follow @suntribesunscreen⁠ ⁠ 🌞 and optionally you can write why you nominate that person ⁠ ⁠ Good luck to all nominees! 🙌🏼 ⁠ ⁠ The karma giveaway closes on the 20th of May at 12pm and the winner will be contacted until the 27th of May ⁠😊 ⁠ P.S.: If you tag several people (in separate comments) all of them will be nominated and enter the giveaway 🍀⁠ ⁠ 📷 The model is wearing Suntribe's All Natural Night Cream
  • It can be so hard to be patient! We're so glad beaches are open again in some countries, but in others - like Costa Rica - it will take a while longer 🌊 Where did you surf last before the beaches were closed? 🙃 In our case that's Playa de Arrifana in Portugal 🇵🇹
  • Click to the right to see how our Mineral Day Cream blends in with your natural skin tone and becomes invisible ✌🏼 The tint comes from mineral Iron Oxides which are safe for use in cosmetics and even food 👌🏼

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