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Safe for you and nature.

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Of ingredients found in conventional sunscreens are harmful for humans or the environment
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Of coral reefs worldwide are threatened by bleaching from sunscreen chemicals
million kilos of sunscreen end up in the world's ocean every year from swimmers

Chemicals found in conventional sunscreens affect both us humans and the ecosystem in negative ways. In humans, research has linked sunscreen chemicals to skin irritations, allergies, and hormonal disturbances. In nature, they contribute to coral reef bleaching and damage the reproduction system of fish and mammals.

What makes Suntribe Sunscreens different?

Certified safe - natural and organic ingredients.

Safe for coral reefs.

Cruelty free. We never test on animals!

Certified broad spectrum protection - UVA & UVB.

Water and sweat resistant, perfect for sports.

Approved for use in sensitive aquatic environments.

Biodegradable with natural and organic ingredients.

Safe for coral reefs.

Certified broad spectrum
protection - UVA & UVB.

Approved for use in sensitive aquatic environments.

Water and sweat resistant, perfect for sports.

Cruelty free. We never test on animals!

Our Top Sellers

Body & Face Natural Sunscreen - SPF 30

✓ Mineral UV-Filter ✓ UVA & UVB ✓ Water Resistant

Eucalyptus & Jojoba After Sun

✓ Organic ✓ Vegan ✓ Cools & Moisturizes

Sport & Face Zinc Sunscreen - SPF 30

✓ Mineral UV-Filter ✓ Very Water Resistant ✓ UVA & UVB

The new generation of sun protection is finally here

Our zinc sunscreens are highly effective and safe for you and the planet. We never use dangerous chemicals or unnecessary ingredients. As part of the tribe, you protect the environment and your skin.



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Born from the love of nature

As surf teachers and outdoor fanatics we had grown tired of not being able to find high performing sunscreens which were also safe for nature. We realised if we wanted environmentally friendly, highly functional natural sunscreens we had to create them ourselves - so that's what we did.

Our Environmental Mission

Every year, 14 000 tons of sunscreen are washed into the ocean from swimmers, leading to widespread destruction of marine life. 10% of the world’s coral reefs are threatened by bleaching caused by the most commonly used chemical UV-filter, Oxybenzone.

To counter the problem, at Suntribe we scientifically validate our sunscreens to be 100% safe for marine life. We are also proud to be partnering with Nordic Ocean Watch and Sea Going Green - two organisations focused on reducing the negative impact us humans have on the oceans of our planet.

Trusted by Professional Athletes

For athletes taking on demanding challenges in extreme weather conditions, it’s especially important to be confident in the sunscreen they use. For this reason, Suntribe is the choice of numerous professional athletes around the world.

As part of the tribe, we count Swedish pro surfer Tim Latte, British kitesurfing champion Rachael Hooper and the Olympic class sailors Jimmy & Ubo. So whether you surf giant waves on a far away tropical coast or sail around the world you can feel certain Suntribe is up to the challenge.

Tim Latte, Sweden
Pro surfer
Ubo Crivelli & Jimmy Togni, Italy
Olympic Class Sailors 49er.
Rachael Hooper, UK
Women’s Pro Freestyle Champion UK.
Davide Dettori, Italy
Professional Surfer since 2004.
Oliver Hartkopp, Denmark
2 x Danish Surf Champion.
Fanny Baumann, Sweden
Olympic Class Windsurfer.
Lionel Medina, Spain
World Tour Bodyboarder.

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  • 👆Over the next weeks, we'll try to get rid of a few very persistent myths related to sun protection, starting with the meaning of the Sun Protection Factor (SPF), wrapped in a little story
🌞 Sun Fun Fact No 1: A chemist called Franz Greier invented one of the first commercially available sunscreens in 1938 after getting sunburned while climbing a mountain called Piz Buin on the Swiss-Austrian border ⁠
🏔️ This sunscreen was marketed as "Gletscher Crème" (Glacier Cream) by a company named after the mountain (Piz Buin) and had a sun protection factor of 2. ⁠
🤔 Which sounds incredibly low right? In fact it's not, which is due to the nature of the SPF curve. ⁠
👉 SPF 2 blocks 50% of UVB rays whereas SPF 30 for example blocks 97% of UVB rays. ⁠
🙃 So don't be deceived by high or low SPF ratings, check the % of UVB it blocks and remember that the SPF curve is non-linear! ⁠
📷 Photo by @antonwestling
  • We might have already mentioned it but it's still so true - the best thing about living in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica for half a year was the consistency of the waves 🌊

Imagine you can go surfing every single day! 😄

Sure, some days the waves were smaller, most days they were fairly decent and on some rare days they were just perfect for #Suntribe co-founder @karlaxelroos to ride with his longboard and dance along with the waves 💙
  • The dream of living in a van ... so many of us dream it. Our brand ambassador @timlatte already lives it, #Suntribe co-founder @hampustw as well and Albin and Louisa have started their vanlife more than one year ago 🗺️
What would you enjoy the most about living in a van? ⁠✌️
For Albin and Louisa it is the fact that they now live a simpler and freer life that is in harmony with the ocean and nature 🌿 A life where their passion for wave surfing can easily be integrated into their everyday lives and they can go searching for waves more easily 🌊
Head over to @wandathevan to follow Albin and Louisa on their journey! 👆
  • When #Suntribe brand ambassador @timlatte is not surfing in tropical locations like Bali or Nicaragua, he's usually cruising around Scandinavia in his van, always looking for waves - what a life! ⁠🌊
Comment if you have already surfed in Scandinavia at least once in your life (and if you did, kudos to you!)⁠ 🤙
Featuring @timlatte in Norway 📷
  • This guy is a legend - Ciccio, surf teacher at @lapointcamps in Santa Teresa, Costa Rica! 🇨🇷 His life motto: Keep calm and surf rasta man 🤙
  • The added benefit of wearing visible sunscreen? It highlights your tan! ⁠✌️
Of course that's not the number one reason (protecting your skin from damage ranks a lot higher) but it makes applying our Face & Sport zinc sunscreens so much more fun! ⁠🙂
We've even heard rumours that some people apply a bit of sunscreen on rainy days to bring back memories of sunnier days - have you ever done that too? 😉
Featuring globetrotting @cruisingjar ⁠📷
  • What do you think is going through our minds in this picture?⁠ 😜
The best idea wins one of our new Mini Face & Sport tins, in a colour of your choice (Original White, Tinted, Retro Blue, Retro Red) 🎉
Photo featuring the Suntribe founders, from left to right: Hampus, Karl and Julia

Last possible entry for the giveaway: 20th of August
  • Throwback to surfing in Sri Lanka and walking to the surf break on train rails with a backdrop of lush palm trees! ⁠🌊
Featuring @cruisingjar, our endlessly globetrotting friend from Sri Lanka ⁠🌴

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