Suntribe Přírodní minerální denní krém SPF 20, 40 ml

(Hodnocení: 30)

100% PŘÍRODNÍ DENNÍ KRÉM Prémiový SPF denní krém, který díky lehkému odstínu zapadá do tónu pleti. Složení z matujícího rýžového škrobu pro nemastný pocit.

ORGANICKÝ & JEMNÝ S vyživujícím mandlovým olejem a antioxidačním jojobovým olejem. VEGANSKÉ & NEKOMEDOGENNÍ (neucpává póry).

VYSOCE EFEKTIVNÍ Vědecky ověřená širokospektrální ochrana proti UVA i UVB paprskům – SPF 20 (blokuje 95% UVB paprsků).

0% PŘÍSADY Konečně denní krém, se kterým se nemusíte ničeho obávat.

279 kr


Konečně se můžete přestat starat o to, jaké složky váš denní krém obsahuje! Toto exkluzivní nemastné minerální složení se 100 % přírodních a 61 % organických složek je vyvinuto pro každodenní použití a pomáhá udržovat vitalitu a mladistvost vaší pleti.

Ideální společník pro vaši běžnou ranní rutinu, veganský a nekomedogenní (neucpává póry) denní krém, který můžete aplikovat místo make-upu nebo před ním. Krém je se širokospektrální ochranou SPF 20, pro dokonalou ochranu zdravé pokožky po celý den. Kromě ochrany před škodlivými slunečními paprsky vás také účinně chrání před viditelným modrým světlem z elektronických zařízení (HEV). Skvělý pro normální, citlivou i suchou pokožku.

Obsah: 40 ml, 1,4 oz.

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Používejte před nebo místo make-upu. Pro nejlepší výsledky doporučujeme nejprve nanést malé tečky krému na obličej. Pak rozetřete tečky na tenkou, rovnoměrnou a průhlednou vrstvu na kůži.

30 recenzí Suntribe Přírodní minerální denní krém SPF 20, 40 ml

  1. Angličtina


    I really enjoy using this sunscreen. This sunscreen eliminates the white cast typically associated with sunscreen and is so much safer than most sunscreens out there. I am really surprised when I learn what’s in most sunscreens and feel much more at ease using Suntribe. I love their products and will be buying them for my mom as well. The only thing is I wish there was more sunscreen in it, but other than that, a perfect choice for my sensitive and dry skin.

  2. Angličtina

    Mónica (ověřený vlastník)

    I have never tried Suntribe products before, but I was very impressed with your customer relationship (I love your emails! :), they left me with a smile every time I read them). Although the package arrived opened and slightly crumpled (not the shipping box that came whole and well sealed, but the product packaging, the only reason I won´t rate 5 stars), I loved the product as soon as I applied it, it is easy to apply, “invisible” and super moisturizing. That and the fact that it is environmentally and skin friendly (I have extremely sensitive skin) and vegan, makes it perfect! Exactly what I was looking for. I have only two recommendations: be more careful with the product packaging, and the transport packaging does not need to be so big for such a small product, this is also helping the environment 🙂 Now all that’s left is to try it out in the Portugal sun!

  3. Angličtina

    Binci (ověřený vlastník)

    I love the day cream with Spf 20 for my combination skin. It gets slightly oily throughout the day but I usually combine it with a mattifiying mineral powder and it’s perfect. Finally a daily Spf that doesn’t break me out either and makes my skin look better actually after a few uses. It also enhances the skin tone making it look more even. I’m not sure if it’s the soothing ingredients but I feel as if it also helps with redness. I’ll def reorder the day cream and will try the night cream too. Thanks for the great products!

  4. Němec

    Elisabeth (ověřený vlastník)

    Die Creme war überhaupt nicht mein Fall. Die Tönung war viel zu hell für meinen Hautton und ich finde den Preis sehr hoch. Schade!

  5. Ital

    Andrea (ověřený vlastník)

    Penso che la crema sia buona, ma il tubo non è forse la migliore confezione. Quando lo lascio in posizione verticale, esce un po’ d’olio.

  6. Čeština

    Anna (ověřený vlastník)

    Nejlepší denní krém, který jsem dosud používala. Mohu jen doporučit

  7. Švédský

    Isabel (ověřený vlastník)

    Riktigt bra dagkräm, men jag måste ändå sminka mig extra för att matcha nyansen med min hudton.

  8. Angličtina

    Hanna O.

    Ich bin sehr zufrieden mit der Verwendung von der Suntribe Tagescreme. Der tönende Effekt lässt mich selbstbewusst auf herkömmliches Makeup verzichten. Meine Haut schwitzt unterhalb der Creme nicht und wird auch nicht glänzend mit der Zeit. Der tönende Effekt der Creme hält den ganzen Tag an!

  9. Angličtina

    Ruby Lo

    The day cream is very suitable for daily usage since it’s very soft and light. And I love the fact that it’s SPF20, pretty enough for day-to-day activity! Basically you can use the day cream as your foundation cause the texture is perfect for that! I’m happy to be able to find a day cream that can replace my not too eco-friendly make-up!

  10. Angličtina


    Habe die Creme schon das zweite mal bestellt. Clean und simpel. Sieht gut aus. Danke!

  11. Angličtina


    Got the cream as a present for my mom – she loved it, leaves the skin hydrated and super soft. I tried it too out of curiosity. I was a bit concerned about oils as ingredients, but even on my very oily skin it absorbed to a satin finish and held up great under makeup too.

  12. Angličtina


    So it’s a pretty versatile product, that can suit both those with more oily or more dry mature skin!

  13. Angličtina


    Love the smell and it feels super nice on my skin!

  14. Angličtina

    Charlotte Trombiero

    Non siamo più in estate, ma le temperature alte ed il sole mi hanno permesso di iniziare ad usare questa ottima crema. Davvero un’ottima scoperta. Si asciuga in fretta, non lascia odori, ma soprattutto idrata la mia pelle. In più, da non dimenticare, la protezione solare presente al suo interno è molto utile. Pienamente soddisfatta.

  15. Angličtina


    When I bought this product I was mostly thinking that I didn’t want to put chemicals on my skin each day of the summer. But this product does more good than that! Although I first thought it felt a bit too thick, I realized this is actually good since it lasts longer (which makes it even more valuable). And I still get a tan 😉 What’s also great is that it also helps the environment, which is a great bonus. I can definitely recommend this product to everyone who cares about any of these things!

  16. Angličtina


    La mejor que e encontrado, con un toque de color y así no quedas blanco, se unifica el color con el de tu piel y tienes la piel mui hidratada, con poquita cantidad llega,

  17. Angličtina


    Ive used mine every day all spring and no sun burn yet, my skin feels really clear with no breakouts and its easy to apply!

  18. Angličtina


    Great product!

  19. Angličtina

    Martina M

    Ich war sehr lange auf der suche nach so einer spitzenpflege,… deckt ganz dezent auch gleich ungleichmässigkeiten ab – man hat einen porzellanteint und schaut sehr gepflegt und matt nach dem auftragen dieser besonders pflegenden und leichten und genialen creme,… DANKE, dass es sowas gibt – natur pur ! HERRLICH !!!!

  20. Angličtina


    Loved it.
    I have very sensitive skin on my face and normally end up with a rash from sun care product. Did not have anything like that after using this product. Would definitely use again.

  21. Angličtina


    Die Creme ist sehr angenehm auf der Haut, zieht gut ein und ist der perfekte Sonnenschutz für jeden Tag.
    Umwelt- und Sonnenschutz ist einem :)!

    The cream is very pleasant on the skin, absorbs well and is the perfect sunscreen for every day.
    Environmental- and sun protection in one :)!

  22. Angličtina


    When first getting the product on your skin, you’ll notice that you only need a little bit in order to completely cover your face (found this out after already lattering loads on my hands..) so this makes it last super long! The daycream smells, just like the other products, nice and subtle. When putting on too much, the cream makes your face a bit white, but this is getting absorbed quickly leaving your skin nice and hydrated. I have a quite difficutl skin that breaks out easily when using a very oily daycream, but this not the case with this cream. It even makes my skin looks better after having used it a couple of times!

  23. Angličtina


    I have sensitive skin and struggle with chemical sunscreens. This is brill, doesn’t bother my skin – cause irritation or breakouts – and gives me enough sun protection for the day. Only tried it in UK sun so far. Recommend warming it in your hands (or the sun!) slightly to soften it a little – it applies more easily then.

  24. Angličtina

    Laura Giusti

    Spedizione veloce e il pacco era ben imballato. Il prodotto ha una consistenza che permette di asciugarsi in fretta non rimanendo appiccicoso

  25. Angličtina


    Ich habe diese Tagescreme für meine Freundin gekauft, und jetzt benutzen wir sie beide. Die Konsistenz ist definitiv anders als bei weniger natürlichen Cremes – die Creme ist recht dick und man braucht viel weniger als normalerweise – aber die kleinen Krümel lassen sich sehr leicht einreiben und das Ergebnis kann sich sehen lassen.

    Man ist nicht weiß im Gesicht (was unsere Befürchtung gewesen war wegen des Zinks), die Creme ist unsichtbar sobald man sie aufgetragen hat und mattiert leicht. Die Haut fühlt sich sehr angenehm weich an nach dem Auftragen, ein tolles Gefühl wenn man drüberstreicht.

    Wir haben die Creme jetzt seit zwei Wochen in Gebrauch und die Tube ist noch sehr voll, wir bestellen auf jeden Fall nach sobald sie aufgebraucht ist.

  26. Angličtina


    First off I must say I absolutely love the way it looks! The packaging design is super nice. Only problem is that after I have used the tube for a bit it becomes a bit dented, but it also adds to the natural feel I guess (and I’m really happy the tube is not made of plastic!!). The actual cream blends in really nice with my skin and does not leave a oily feeling like many other natural daycreams I have tried. I would for sure recommend this!

  27. Angličtina


    Seeing as I’m not comfortable putting chemicals on my skin this is the perfect match! The ingredients are all natural and I was pleasantly suprised with how it feels on the skin. I consider myself to have normal skin (more going to the oily side) and this cream works great for me. There were some small clumps in the actual cream (from the rice starch I’m guessing), but they immediately smooth out one I put it on the skin and it leaves a nice matt feel. Will definitely buy again!

  28. Angličtina


    For me this cream doesn’t really work, I have very dry skin and I feel like this doesn’t give me enough moisture. If you have more oily skin then I think it can work really well but not for me unfortunately because it does really leave a matt feeling

  29. Angličtina


    Gave this as a present to my mum and she loves it! Going to get one for myself soon too because I end up using hers haha

  30. Angličtina


    Really thrilled about finding this. Natural ingredients, great packaging, goes on perfectly under my make up. It’s a new must for me in my morning routine!!

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