Suntribe ® | Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30 Plasticfree Reefsafe Organic Surf Sunblock Non-Nano

By Karl Roos - April 14, 2018

Hey there – I’m Karl Roos, I’m one of the founders of Suntribe. I’m a big fan of surfing, good stories and things that make sense.

Suntribe ® | Surfing

The story of Suntribe is one of the grassroots, the company sprung up from within the action sports movement as a response to the lack of make sense sunscreens in Europe. The core is and will always be to keep it simple. We can protect ourselves and our environment by going back to the basics. Our formulas are inspired by more-is-less, do-it-yourself recipes passed on from surfer to surfer and backed up by the latest state of research about the safety of our ingredients for our skin and surroundings. We’re inspired by organizations like Nordic Ocean Watch. We believe that calls to action like #Tavaha are the way to a brighter future.

What is Tavaha?

Tavaha is the Nordic expression for taking care of the ocean. It is also referred to as the ‘nordic aloha’. Tavaha encompasses unity, understanding and solidarity across borders, generations and cultures. The ocean is what connects the world. It has always taken care of us and we cannot live without it. It’s time we return the favour. 

Beach Clean-up organised by Nordic Ocean Watch

The Story Behind Suntribe

Suntribe is a growing community of people worldwide. Our mission is to spread the knowledge about sunscreen that scientists have discovered pose threats for our health and the environment, and offer safe sunscreens. Perhaps you did not know, but sunscreen can disrupt your hormones and is one of the biggest threats to marine environments globally.

Introducing The Suntribe Blog
Suntribe is formed around the thought that all we need to change the world is knowledge and tools to act on that knowledge. In this story, Suntribe is that tool. We do this because of our love and passion for this planet and the things it offers us. This blog will give insight into the lives of the Suntribe community. A community that carries the spirit of the new generation – a people sharing the inheritance of a natural world in peril – and thus sharing the responsibility of preservation and caretaking. Suntribe means worry-free natural sunscreens which don’t you or nature, yes, but more importantly it is a tool to spark the conversation about our sunscreen habits. We believe that the world will be changed by normal people, like you and me.

Suntribe ® | Natural Zinc Sunscreen SPF 30 Plasticfree Reefsafe Organic Surf Sunblock Non-Nano

We believe the new generation, which feels and sees the pain of our natural world in more vivid clarity than the generations before us, will come together and embrace positive solutions and spread awareness. Suntribe crosses the road of anyone and everyone, from scientists in Sweden to surf teachers in Portugal. From legends in their sports to travelling nomads innovating for the worlds betterment. This blog will show their lives and bring their stories to the light. We will talk about everything from the technical details of sunscreen & science to the pure joy of riding waves in tropical landscapes. I’ll sign this introduction off by riding into the Sri Lankan palm decorated backdrop at one of my favorite waves here – Fisherman’s bay.

Suntribe Co-founder Karl Roos longboarding in Sri Lanka

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